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Only 1,948 Porsche Speedsters were built. Only the best dealers received allotments for this car, as it represents the Grand Finale of the 991 series Porsche 911. While the available color palette included four basic and four metallic shades, Porsche did offer Lizard Green, Miami Blue, and Crayon were heavy hitters on the window sticker. As with all amazing Porsches, its the options not offered that count the most.

Every item painted in Gulf Orange must go through a rigorous agreement with their licensing department. Even merchandise as insignificant as a ballpoint pen it treated to the same scrutiny to preserve the image of their brand. That is why Circle Porsche chose to take up the challenge. Car # 1,596 is the only Speedster to be bathed in Gulf Orange. From the wheels, air vents, seat vents, stitching, and even the SiriusXM antenna, no detail was overlooked.

The Speedster foregoes rear seats in favor of an aerodynamic tonneau. Under it lies a manual top that can disappear in seconds, without heavy hydraulics or complex actuators. In keeping with its predecessors, the windshield is 2″ shorter than a 911 convertible. Along with shorter windows, the Speedster looks like 200 mph while sitting still.

The speed is limited to 192 mph to keep the cloth top from taking flight, and because the car only weighs 3,300 lbs. This was made possible by use of carbon fiber wherever possible and not offering All Wheel Drive. Being the lightest 911 on the market, engineers at Weissach recalibrated the rear-wheel steering for optimal fun in the corners.

Many dealers racked up demo miles to enjoy the power of a GT3 RS. A six-speed manual transmission distributes 510 horsepower and 346 lb-ft of torque to reach 60 mph in 3.8 seconds. But this car has only amassed 22 miles since it left the Porsche Exclusive department. This opportunity will never pass your way again, so it deserves to be the consummate centerpiece of your collection. We have been the leading source to connect buyers and sellers of Porsche 911s for over 35 years, and we have no idea how any dealer could pull this off.


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