As you probably remember, Porsche switched its Boxster and Cayman models from six to four cylinders four years ago. This caused harsh criticism and loss of sales worldwide – but eventually proved the right decision, as Dr. Frank-Stefan Walliser now explains.

In his latest interview, the leader of the Porsche 718 subdivision pointed out a very strong reason behind the unpopular decision. Apparently, cutting down on the engine volume enabled the luxury carmaker to conquer the market of China, where superior engines are subject to enormous taxes. China has now become the primary target market for the entire 718 lineup – and a highly profitable one, at that.

Furthermore, Porsche made a smart move targeting its cars towards the younger audiences. As it turned out, the average Boxster owner is a 30-year-old Chinese woman. In a country with its demographic skewed strongly towards men, female attention is a highly sought object, and gifting your significant other a sports car is a great way to make advances.

But let’s not forget that the six-cylinder specs are back in the game since recently. These are Cayman GT4, Boxster Spyder, and 4.0 versions of both models introduced in early 2020. These new specs have already caused sales to rise again in Europe, the United States and Australia.

Editor Andrew Raspopov


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