Alpina XB7

The Alpina XB7 arrives as Alpina’s take on the BMW X7 M50i delivering over 600bhp, 0-62mph in 4.0 seconds and a £140k price tag.

BMW do make some very appealing cars, but however appealing they are they can be made better still by letting Alpina loose on them to improve performance and looks ion a delightfully, rather reserved, way.

Until now, Alpina has limited their offerings to BMW’s saloons and estates (and the X3), but now they’ve taken the range-topping BMW X7 M50i and waved its wand across it to deliver the Alpina XB7.

That bit of wand-waving from Alpina means the XB7 can muster 613bhp and 590lb/ft of torque, deliver 62mph in 4.2 seconds, hit the quarter mile in 12.6s and a top speed of 180mph, with a new stainless steel exhaust and active diff at the back.

Of course, extra power necessitates a tweak or three to suspension and brakes, so Alpina has fitted their own dampers and kinematics for the air suspension allowing for a ride height change depending on mode, and a set of Brembos emblazoned with the Alpina logos. You also get 21″ Alpina alloys as standard, and a 23″ option if you wish.

Other Alpina updates include new bumpers front and back, but the interior stays pretty standard, albeit with the addition of a few fripperies like a glass gear lever and multiple Alpina logos.

There are no UK prices for the XB7, but expect it to cost around £140k when it arrives later this year.


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