The very first car to be produced by Aston Martin’s “Continuation” programme, a DB4 GT, is now for sale in the UK.

Aston’s Continuation build basically creates a brand-new version of a classic car – not restored or refurbished, but built from the ground up as a brand-new vehicle… to original specification.

The DB4 GT was a shorter, lighter and more powerful version of the DB4, raced by the likes of Stirling Moss. A total of 75 were built between 1959-63 – only eight of them lightweight models.

In 2017 Aston Martin embarked on a programme to build a further 25, at a cost of around NZ$2.9m each.

The Continuation cars aren’t completely old-school: select upgrades are made to performance, handling, braking and safety (note the carbon fibre racing seats in the gallery below), but the car is built pretty much as it was when new and Aston says great attention is paid to retaining the original feel on the road.

Or rather, on the track – because this near-$3m machine can’t be driven on public highways.

The programme continued (excuse the pun) with the DB4 GT Zagato Continuation and the current DB5 Goldfinger. Other makers such as Jaguar have since launched similar projects.

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The DB4 GT up for sale is the very first Aston Martin Continuation car built, with one old factory owner (delivery miles only and still owned by Aston).

It’s Snow Shadow Grey, with a hand-painted triple stripe (black/white/black).

It’s powered by a 4.2-litre straight six with 257kW, driving the rear wheels through a four-speed manual transmission.

The body follows the original construction, with thin-gauge aluminium panels over over a tubular frame. However, the Continuation car’s bodywork is shaped using digital technology to ensure the best possible consistency – although it’s all still hand-finished.

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