While it’s no surprise that the Bentley brand is synonymous with sport luxury, its racing division does sometimes bleed into road vehicles. Now is no exception as the British automaker has made an exterior carbon fiber package available to Bentayga and Continental GT customers.

Bentley declared the package will include a carbon front splitter, side sills, rear diffuser, and boot lid spoiler all in a high-gloss finish. It’s also important to note that these aren’t simply bolt-on options that will fall off after running over an amoeba. Bentley has carefully crafted the design with the same world-renowned fit-and-finish seen on the interior of its vehicles.

To Bentley’s accord, the company made a tremendous effort in ensuring these pieces add to the performance of the existing vehicle. The British automaker utilized computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software to ensure that these new panels complement the existing aerodynamic packages of the Continental GT and Bentayga. Tests were also conducted to see the effects on powertrain and brake cooling, noise levels, and even vibrations.

Like the veneer seen on interior components, the exterior components are matched along the centerline of the vehicle to create a beautiful aesthetic. Bentley also crafted a three-dimensional electroformed logo piece that will adorn the side skirts seen in the package. Thankfully, all of these design queues don’t affect performance in any way. Each component features Bentley’s bespoke twill carbon layup pattern woven in the same direction to ensure maximum strength and minimum weight.

Undoubtedly these new exterior pieces add to the already luxurious aesthetic of Bentley’s flagship vehicles while improving performance. Let us know your thoughts on these items in the comments below.


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