As promised, Bentley has released details of its facelifted Bentayga, which is due to begin deliveries in Europe in a couple of months.

There’s a new look, updated technology, and added space. In Europe and the UK, the W12 engine will no longer be available, this presumably to do with emission

As with all luxury car companies nowadays, the SUVs are the best sellers, and Bentley is no exception, with over 20,000 Bentaygas sold since its launch
in 2016.

The changes reflect technological advancements that have been pioneered in the latest Continental GT and new Flying Spur.

Design director Stefan Sielaff said he aimed for a family feeling between models so visual changes to proportions and stance have been made. All front
and rear panels have changed, and that’s most apparent up front with the enlarged grille. There are also new LED matrix headlights with a cut-crystal design
for added daytime sparkle.

Bentayga’s front guards have been pumped to accentuate the front track, while the rear track is genuinely 20mm wider. The bonnet is now a clamshell design.
At the rear is a new tailgate shape, and oval taillights while the Bentley name is writ large on the tailgate. Its rear spoiler is bigger and 22-inch
wheel designs are new, as are oval-shaped tailpipes. The numberplate is now housed in the newly shaped bumper.

A clever seat redesign in the rear adds 100mm of knee space, and Bentayga can have between four and seven seats, depending on needs. Pews in the rear are
ventilated, and an updated 5-inch touchscreen tablet controls entertainment and comfort functions.

There’s a new 10.9-inch infotainment touchscreen up front too, which eliminates a few buttons from the dash, while the system is now compatible with Apple
CarPlay and Android Auto. Also added are USB-C ports, an ioniser, a Qi charge pad, and embedded SIM card. Instruments are now all digital while the head-up
display adds extra information.

A new 790wpc 12-speaker audio system is standard, and the Naim for Bentley system now packs 1780wpc and outputs that to 20 speakers. Front seats have undergone
an ergonomic update, and there’s a revised centre fascia.

In Europe, the W12 has been deleted so the 404kW 4.0-litre twin-turbo petrol V8 with cylinder deactivation is the core power mill. It’s this or a reworked
V6 petrol-electric plug-in hybrid. That becomes available later in the year, as will the ‘performance orientated’ Speed model.

Expect a small price premium for the updated Bentayga which should be here before year end.


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