Elettra Lamborghini is not frightened even by the pandemic . His wedding will take place in September as scheduled. The young Bolognese heiress was spotted on Lake Garda, in Portese, on boarding to reach the Garda Island. It is one of the most prestigious locations in Italy and could be the venue for the wedding of the singer with the deejay Afrojack.

To tell the inspection on the Garda are the Instagram stories of the future bride. With her is the VIP wedding planner, Enzo Miccio . It seems that the two visited the Venetian neo-Gothic villa, designed by the architect Luigi Rovelli in the early 900 on the island that is on the Brescia side of Lake Garda, not far from San Felice del Benaco.

«I am with Enzo and we are going to see the first location for the wedding», said the singer who has just returned from Sanremo who just celebrated the 26 years. If this was a home party with only the family, the wedding will be different and it seems that Elettra has no intention of changing the date. Preparations had stalled due to the Covid emergency – 19, but now they seem to have started again with the accelerator.

The promised bridegroom is Afrojack, aka Nick van de Wall , famous Dutch deejay, producer and remixer from Suriname. He is more than two meters tall, but it is a difference that does not seem to count for the singer who has repeatedly published their photos together.

The marriage proposal arrived on Christmas day on 2019 . As always, it was she who revealed the engagement to her more than 5 million followers with a post on social media. “The proposal arrived on Christmas day,” he said, a guest of Verissimo, “in front of my whole family, I didn’t expect it even if we had been talking about it for a while.” He is a saint, truly he is a good boy, he thinks only of me and manages to make me feel like a princess “.


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