Ferrari’s May sales dipped 19 percent, Tesla’s slipped 32 percent, PSA Group near-premium brand DS Automobiles declined 42 percent, Porsche was down 46 percent, Subaru and Mitsubishi each slid 48 percent and Kia’s volume decreased by 50 percent, according to figures from market researcher JATO Dynamics.

The other brands that beat the market included Volvo and Mini (both -51 percent), Skoda, Renault and Dacia (all -53 percent), Audi, Peugeot and Jeep (all -54 percent) as well as Toyota, Citroen and Hyundai (all -55 percent).

There were a small number of models that increased sales despite the challenges caused by the pandemic, including the full-electric Mercedes-Benz EQC, which rose 245 percent to 338 sales from a low base during the same month in 2019. The BMW X6 crossover was up 83 percent to 846 sales and the battery-powered Audi e-tron increased sales 12 percent to 1,645.


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