Carlton Singh, who stole a high-value Range Rover and a £70K Porsche, has today been jailed for more than two years.

Aylesbury Crown Court heard he was part of a convoy of thieves who travelled into London to steal a Range Rover car which was worth £30,000, a court was told.

The 32-year-old had then driven the Range Rover to the owner’s home address in Newport Pagnell, having used the in-built Sat Nav in the car to find the location.

Carlton Singh – jailed for 29 months

Once there, he stole a Porsche which was parked on the victim’s driveway, prosecutors said.

Judge Francis Sheridan, sentencing Singh, told him: “The owner of the Range Rover, a hard-working, decent fellow, went to work in London, came back and at 3.30pm found the car gone. It had gone because you, together with two or three others, had targeted it and went to steal that vehicle.

“Once you had stolen it, you then used the home address in the Sat Nav or you used correspondence you found in that car, to present yourself at the address of the owner of that car. This time, rich pickings were certainly there.

“Hard work paid for the £70,000 Porsche that was stolen from the driveway in the dead of night. It had horrible financial effects on the family. They are ordinary, decent people, working hard and the financial effects are keenly felt.”

Singh, who had 23 previous convictions, had been promised £600 to steal the Porsche car, the court heard, but he never received the money because shortly after driving the Porsche away from the house at speed, the defendant was pulled over by an unmarked police vehicle and he was arrested.

He had admitted two counts of theft and appeared by video link from HMP Bullingdon for sentence at Aylesbury Crown Court, which held a digital hearing.

Cathy Ryan, defending Singh, asked the judge not to impose a long driving ban on him as part of the sentence, explaining her client had worked as a delivery driver for many years, was “of very limited skills” and his family would suffer financially if he could not work.

Judge Sheridan said: “You were furloughed or made redundant as a result of coronavirus. Having gone straight for five years, the minute you were made redundant you go on a crime spree, in convoy with others.”

The judge jailed Singh for 29 months and disqualified him from driving for 29 months and two weeks.


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