That’s not it, we’ve also reached out to enthusiasts who’ve owned, lived with, and rallied these cars in India. Gaurav Gill talks about the Evo VII, VIII, IX and X he rallied in the APRC; Arjun Balu reminisces about getting to grips with the Evo VII in the APRC; we had to include Samir ‘Sammy’ Thapar’s experiences with his legendary Evo X rally car; and Zuhin throws back to the Impreza he took to the 2012 IRC championship. Then we have Anindith Reddy looking back at the Evos he owned in the US and the Evo X which he bought from the editors of this magazine. Of course the editor looks back at owning and living with the Evo X that they bought to coincide with the launch of evo India magazine. ‘Drive Like Shana’ Parmeshwar talks about her two-Evo garage, the 6.5 and X. Biren Pithawala and Himanshu Sopariwala feature their tuned Evos that run in drag races. And Rupesh Kholay talks about his Impreza WRX daily driver.

We must warn you. Our 20-page cover story will have you lusting after and possibly hunting for an Evo or Impreza to add to your garage!

Hyundai Creta


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