Headed by Lamborgini’s Squadra Corse racing department, the new track-only hypercar will be named the Lamborghini SCV12. That’s not as romantic as the Huracan or Aventador, but we don’t really mind, as long as it’s fast and pretty. According to Lamborghini, the SCV12 will be powered by the company’s most powerful V12 naturally aspirated engine to date and is expected to make in the region of 830 hp. That’s 70 more horses than you get in the Aventador SVJ. Power is said to be channeled to the rear wheels via a sequential six-speed box.

In the video, the SCV12 is seen blasting around Imola at full tilt, and while driver Emanuele Pirro gives no verbal feedback, it is clear to see how quickly the car responds to driver input. The SCV12 rides on unique slick Pirelli tires fitted on 19-inch front and 20-inch rear magnesium rims, and features a massive number of aerodynamic tweaks.


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