Porsche launches a vintage version of CarPlay for its older cars

If you have a classic Porsche, you no longer have to give up some of the most modern features that current vehicles offer you: the German brand has presented a vintage version of CarPlay for its older cars.

The device is called Porsche Classic Communication Management (PCCM) And the company has developed it in two variants to replace the original units built into vehicles launched from the 1960s to the 1990s.

So that the new system does not clash with the classic design of the cars in which it will be integrated, the new PCCM has a vintage design with physical buttons and dials, in keeping with the appearance of the other elements of the instrument panel and the dashboard.

The second variant is the PCCM Plus (You can see it in the opening photo of this news), which has a size to fit in the 2-DIN slot that some cars from the 90s equip. Since its format is larger, the touch screen that we find in this version is 7 inches and can be used in conjunction with other peripheral components installed in the vehicle, such as the amplifier, speakers, or antenna. Navigation screens in the instrument cluster are also supported.

In the case of PCCM Plus, in addition to offering Apple CarPlay, It is also compatible with Google’s Android Auto.

Users who wish to integrate the new PCCMs into their classic Porsche cars can request them at the Porsche Classic online store or at the Porsche Center. Its price with the included maps is 1,439.89 euros for the standard version and 1,606.51 euros for the Plus version.


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