Daniel Ricciardo thinks that the extensive winter break that Formula 1 is currently going through may help him with a longer career in the sport. With the first ten races of the season cancelled due to the coronavirus, the drivers have not driven in the cars for almost five months in July.

Extra time

Ricciardo spends the extra long winter break in his native Australia, together with his trainer. He hopes by making good use of the extra time to work on his physical condition that his F1 career can last longer.

“We’ve been able to really knuckle down and set up a real training programme that we never really get”, Ricciardo said in an interview with BBC 5 Live. “You get it at the start of the year, but once you get back to Europe and the travelling starts, it’s so hard to get any routine and consistency.”

Longer career

Ricciardo says he likes to have all the extra time. “Where now we’ve been able to build like an eight-week block as we’d call it, and starting to see some really good improvements”, the Renault driver says.

“I think the benefit is going to be really nice, and because it’s so unique, I think it was really important to maximise this. Who knows, it might give me a bit more longevity in my career”, Ricciardo concluded.


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