According to the latest reports, the Sebastian Vettel – Aston Martin agreement for 2021 isn’t a done deal, yet. Reports suggesting the fact that Vettel had already signed a contract with the British team for 2021 emerged yesterday.

Turns out, the German driver hasn’t done anything of the sort. However, there is a strong possibility of Vettel joining Aston Martin next year.

The F1 rumor mill went into overdrive last night with reports from Bild claiming Vettel had reached an agreement with Racing Point. Allegedly, the 4-time World Champion is looking to replace Sergio Perez, who has a lengthy contract with the team.

Sebastian Vettel doesn’t have a contract, yet

Perez announced a contract extension with Racing Point just last year, revealing a long-term deal that would have held good till 2023.

However, there seems to be an exit clause in the Mexican’s contract that Racing Point can exploit. Apparently, Racing Point can trigger an early exit as far as Perez is concerned to make way for Sebastian Vettel.

While these events are a lot to take in, the latest developments suggest that talks between Vettel and Racing Point are still on.

According to, Sebastian Vettel hasn’t signed a deal with the British team. The reports did not deny a link between the German and soon to be transformed Racing Point.

If all rumors are believed to be true, Vettel could end up at Aston Martin and Haas while still being retired! Therefore, it is advisable to take these reports with a grain of salt.

Lawrence Stroll has lofty ambitions for the Aston Martin F1 team. The Canadian billionaire hopes to break into the top 3 in F1 and fight for podiums and potential victories with the British team.

Having a 4-time World Champion onboard in the team’s quest to break out of the midfield mold is a brilliant idea. Vettel brings in a wealth of experience which can greatly help the team in car development for the long term.

Before the season began, Racing Point CEO Otmar Szafnauer indirectly ruled out the possibility of Vettel joining the team. Szafnauer asserted that the team’s main focus was evolving into Aston Martin.

Have the team’s priorities suddenly changed with Vettel’s availability?

Vettel’s made it painstakingly clear that he isn’t interested in a sabbatical. The former World Champion believes he still has a lot to achieve in the sport.

However, if the Aston Martin deal were to slip away as well, Seb’s only option could be retirement. A notion that he dreads.


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