We’ve had significant success on the drag strip, building the fastest Indian front-wheel drive car to date. Our Honda City VTEC dragster was the first 1500cc FWD car to make the 11-second mark over a quarter mile and put out over 600 horses with its B15C2 turbocharged engine. Our success in drag racing has led to quite a few builds for customers looking to make a mark on the drag strip. Among the many drag cars we’ve built over the years, the one that stands out has to be the Honda Accord 2.4 in which, we turbo-charged its original K24 engine while stripping it down and caging it to be a purpose-built dragster. This was our first turn-key project car, and the objective was to deliver massive power while also keeping it reliable and running it at the races without having to need any crew or major support. Arrive, swap tyres, fill gas and race. Everything is preset and good to go — those were the goals of this project.

The first event that the car competed in was the Valley Run in 2019, two days after we delivered a box-fresh race car. The car is a full-blown package with fully-forged internals, our Stage 4 cylinder head update, competition clutch and flywheel parts, a massive Garrett twin scroll turbo and all the bells and whistles that go into building the most powerful Honda K series car in the country. The transmission was factory stock and we wanted to see how much we could push the engine and later get to the drivetrain bits, since it was a much simpler thing to do. Running 20.4psi of boost we got a massive 705bhp at the crank. This was when we knew that we’d finally untapped some of the potential of the K24 engine but nothing close to its limits. We wanted to first ensure the other parts could handle all this power and I still feel there is massive potential to unlock few hundred more horses once we have better drivetrain components and an LSD.


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