The Vector W8 was really the first true spaceship, with all of its sharp edges and far out design all around.

When you think of a crazy, wild sports car, people often think of a Lamborghini or maybe even a Koenigsegg. There is one car, however, that absolutely destroys the level of wild that those cars and any others in the world have. This car is so crazy that it looks like the sports cars kids draw when they are 5 years old, and those are often just constant sharp edges and aggressive looks with a set of wheels. Well, that is exactly what the Vector W8 is.

It is a lean, mean, crazy machine. Whether you know about its power statistics or its exterior design, it is all crazy. Despite being built decades ago, it will be cooler than modern supercars at any and every car show. In some ways this car can be described as a fighter jet car gone right. Through all of this and more, the Vector W8 was no doubt the most wild sports car of its time.

Strange All Around

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The Vector W8 is a car that truthfully looks like it was built by a crazy person. The license plate space isn’t even in the right place. The rear of the W8 has a huge dent in the back design on the side of the bumper for you to put your license plate on. It looks like they forgot that it was a car meant for street use until the whole car was done, as if it was going to be built as a race car and the developers changed their mind at the last second.

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Many people call vehicles like the Lamborghini a spaceship, but the Vector W8 was really the first true spaceship. With all of its sharp edges and far out design all around, it doesn’t look like it is from this planet. The W8 doesn’t even have a regular door like most cars in the world. The Vector W8 has scissor doors, as if it’s a Lamborghini. It additionally doesn’t have a transmission lever in the center console area. The developers of this car decided to be completely different from the rest of the world and put the transmission lever on this automatic in between the driver and door, something practically no other car does.

Power Machine

1991 Vector W8 4

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This car was made in a similar time to vehicles like the Lamborghini Countach. The Countach was impressively powerful and fast for its time. The Vector W8, however, destroyed the Countach’s numbers. With its twin turbocharged 6 liter V8, originally from a Corvette engine, the car made 625 horsepower and could reach speeds exceeding 210 miles per hour, with the factory claiming it could reach around 240 miles per hour. The Lamborghini Countach only made 375 horsepower.

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This supercar isn’t some old car that you can now buy used online. On the contrary, this car is actually one of the rarest cars of all time. The company, which didn’t achieve the goal of matching Lamborghini and Ferrari, built only 22 Vector W8’s from 1991 to 1993, and there may be only a few left in existence today.

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This extreme car has nothing normal about it. The parking brake, for example, isn’t like every other parking brake in the world. Because of the unusual interior design, the parking brake is curved, so that it will actually fit in the car.

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It Might Take Off

When this car is, perhaps jokingly, compared to a fighter jet, people are more accurate than they think. The Vector W8 actually has some components that are directly out of real fighter jets, including a screen in the interior. This device, along with the entire car, will give you the feeling that you are actually in the air, flying a jet plane.

Vector W8 Sports car


Whether you look on the inside or out, this incredible, elusive car from the 1990’s is something you cannot miss. It is the most unique and crazy thing anyone will see on the road, period, and it brings a whole new meaning to the word “wild.”

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