A Lamborghini crashed into a van

A man bought a brand new double Lamborghini for £200, thousand. Drove from the showroom to the track, it accelerated and crashed. Supercar smashed.

A UK resident has bought a new sport car Lamborghini Huracan Spyder for 200 thousand pounds. The man smashed a double supercar literally 20 minutes after I left the dealership, writes The Sun.

The accident occurred on the highway. According to the owner of the Lamborghini, he’s picked up, and realized that the car did not listen. He tried to stay and in the rear part of the supercar flew the van.

The van driver escaped with minor injuries. Feels like the owner of a broken Lamborghini, not reported.

Британец разбил Lamborghini через 20 минут после покупки

As previously reported, a resident of the US for new Toyota Supra got in an accident after leaving the salon. Cars for $54 thousand can not be repaired.

Also wrote that the American smashed a stolen BMW Z8 cost half a million.


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