The decision of Ferrari to announce that Carlos Sainz will be the replacement of Sebastian Vettel in 2021 it could take its toll on German. Damon Hill has recommended to the four-time world champion not to start the season with the Italian team. Although it is not something that Vettel contemplates, Ferrari does value the option of getting German out of his seat if he is not competitive during the first great prizes, which could open the door to Fernando Alonso.

Precisely in 2004, when Fernando Alonso was running to RenaultFlavio Briatore fired Jarno Trulli for bad results. So the French team opted for another world champion like Jaques Villeneuve as your replacement. This situation could be repeated now in Ferrari. Sebastian Vettel was already surpassed by Leclerc last season and could blame your lack of motivation this one. Nor is it ruled out that it is the German who decides to get off the Ferrari; at least, so Damon Hill has advised him: « The best option would be not to hold out until the end of the season and stop right now« 

Alonso, a good replacement for Vettel

The Spanish has been twice world champion and would guarantee immediate results. He also knows Maranello and would not need any kind of adaptation. Also, Fernando Alonso He would accept to sign until the end of the season since, for the next year, he has offers from Renault and Aston Martin. What’s more, yeah Ferrari gives you the option to replace Vettel you would have the option to demonstrate to Mercedes which can be the replacement of Bottas, which ends its contract in 2021 and has not yet renewed.

At the moment, waiting for an opportunity in Formula 1, Fernando Alonso will run the Indy500 on August 23. The Asturian has this date on the calendar and could become the second pilot in history to win the Triple Crown. From there he will be free to sign for Ferrari, although he would also intend to run the 24 Hours of Le Mans on September 20.


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