By Express News Service

HYDERABAD: Karkhana police on Tuesday arrested three persons for stealing a high-end Ferrari car worth Rs 2 crore from a businessman’s residence in Secunderabad.

The trio were shifted to judicial remand. Karkhana Inspector P Madhukar Swamy said Secunderabad businessman Divesh Gandhi had purchased the Ferrari from a Keralite lady named Jessica. After the car was brought to the city, he hired an agent named Nilesh Sharma for the vehicle registration. 

Sharma, in turn, approached another middleman Prince Pathak (a Delhi broker) for getting the registration work done. However, Pathak hoodwinked Sharma and got the car registered in the name of one of his associates, Bilal. A few months later, Bilal sent three persons Bhupender, Raghuram and another man to Hyderabad. 

“The three went to Gandhi’s residence when the latter was away. They informed Gandhi’s wife that they had been sent by Gandhi to take the car. Assuming that they were her husband’s friends, she gave them the car keys. Minutes after the three drove off, she called her husband. A shocked Gandhi reached his residence to find the car gone and lodged a complaint with the police,” Inspector Madhukar Swamy said.  

Bhupender, Raghuram and another person were arrested. Police are now looking to arrest Bilal and Pathak. 


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