MANILA: The Volkswagen Group has developed an image recognition coupled with artificial intelligence application called “Computer Vision” in order to increase efficiency and productivity by 30%.

Porsche and Audi will be the first automakers under the group to test the app before it is rolled out to the rest of the companies via the Volkswagen Industrial Cloud in 2021.

Volkswagen has mimicked the human capability of recognizing, processing, and analyzing images and has made the entire process much faster with Computer Vision by extracting information from optical data before it evaluates using artificial intelligence.

“The use of this technology offers considerable potential for making our production plants even more efficient. By 2024, we already expect cost reductions running into the double digit million euro range throughout the group. The first two Computer Vision solutions from Porsche and Audi are currently being prepared for group-wide rollout and connection to the Volkswagen Industrial Cloud,” said Volkswagen Group Production Head Gerd Walker. “The focus is on applications which we can develop at one location and then roll out throughout the group.”

In the Porsche facility in Leipzig, the application will scan several labels attached to vehicles with information or notes on airbags. Many of these labels also contain country-specific information and are written in the customer’s language. The proper application of these labels is ensured by Computer Vision.

The app will then provide the production line employee with feedback on whether everything is correct. This saves several minutes per vehicle.

Audi is also using “Computer Vision” for quality testing at the press shop. Cameras combined with software based on machine learning detect the finest cracks and defects in components.

Volkswagen currently has a team of about 60 Computer Vision experts working to further the technology and evaluate new utilization possibilities. There are plans as well to use it on the entire value stream, for example in sales and aftersales.

Photos from Volkswagen

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